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Life is Beautiful!!

A beautiful life does not just happen. It is built daily with love, Laughter, Sacrifice, Patience, Grace and Forgiveness. Every successful person has a painful story and each painful story has a successful ending. Accept the pain and achieve the gain and don’t let little things get you down. You have got many reasons to look up to God and say thank you. Good evening and have a gracious day.

Can’t Steal my Blessings!!

A Bird asked a Bee “You work so hard to make Honey but people steal it all. Don’t you feel sad?” The Bee replied, “No, they might have a way of stealing my Honey but will never steal the Art of Making it!” People may Despise you, Discourage or steal your Ideas, but they can never Separate you from the Source of your Blessing. Always have a very good Relationship with God, and you will Live to Enjoy every good Fruit in the Land that the good Lord will Set your Foot on.
Rise and shine people!!!!

Always be kind

Your Kindness may be treated as your weakness, still be kind. Your Help’ to others may go unnoticed, still be helpful. People may cheat you if you are ‘Honest’, still be honest. People may often forget your good deeds, but always do good. It is never between you and them; it’s between You and  GOD\Universe.

Grand Rising,and have a blissful day.

Rise and shine

Happy New Month

Happy New Month

*S* erve the Lord wholeheartedly
*E* njoy in the house of the Lord
*P* ray without ceasing
*T* ell God all your needs
*E* ven if odds are against you
*M* aintain a good relationship with God
*B* lessed & happy days are coming
*E* njoy life and trust the Lord
*R* emember God loves you

Welcome September, please bring favour and freshness. In Jesus’s Name. Amen

*Blessed September*

A gift

A gift of gold is expensive, a gift of money is appreciated, but the gift of being alive is priceless only the living celebrate it. As the cloud stands without a pillar, the ocean moves without an engine, the rain falls without a pump, so will your source of blessing be a mystery to all humans. Let’s all have a blessed day as we continue to sing praise,unto our God.

Rise and shine, have a great day!!!