The Fan

No A/C only two fans,is running. I think,it was an 105′ degrees, that day. Those two fans,weren’t doing anything, but making noise. So,Ms.Positive decided, she needed,more air. So,she got the fan,out of the closet, because it put out more air,and also the loudest. Mr.Negative said, “If you,plug up the fan,I’m gone”.  Ms.Positive plugged,the fan in,and it blew Mr.Negative to,the bedroom. He got angry,and shouted, “you choose,the fan over me”? Ms.Positive said,”Yes you can’t, keep your cool. I’m always cool,vibing with the fan”

Moral;  Always,keep the fan around, to blow away  negative.

Remember to, Rise and Shine.


Author: lorettasworldblog

I'm new to blogging. I'll be talking about, the ups and downs, in my life. And daily matters. I've always had a passion for writing. So I will keep it interesting.

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