Silent Pains part 1

Vanessa was born in December, Wednesday bright and early at 6Am. Right then,her birth mom,decided she didn’t want her. So her Aunt Pat(mom),decided she would raise Venessa. She was too spoiled,and the whole family loved her. As,she got older,things changed. She had,to start school and she hated,being around kids. They always,picked on her. Pull her hair,call her names. Then her dad,got a promotion and they,moved closer to her dad (uncle)job. She and her little sister, was so happy, to have they’re own room. Even though, they had to share. Fast forward) The neighbors,came to visit. They had,three sons and one daughter, at that time. The two boys was around 17 and 18. The girl was, Vanessa age. Since,it was summer. The two   Moms agreed to let,the older kids,watch the younger kids. Vanessa  and her sister, didn’t like that at all. Cause the 17 year old,would stare,at them.

One day, Vanessa  had to go in,the neighbors home to use the potty. Something she,didn’t want to do, because of bad vibes. She locked, the door behind her. She was,washing her hands,and the door came open. It was the 17 year old.He came in,pushed her on the floor,and raped her. She was so scared of what,her mom(Aunt Pat) would do to her. When the guy finished, he told her,not to say a word.Or he’ll get her again. And her mom was going to whip her. If she knew she was there. And, Vanessa knew,her mom would, even if it wasn’t her fault,but she was there,with a boy . Poor baby,was only seven. When her innocent  was taken. She felt,so embarrassed, and in pain. The rape,continued,over the years.  Then,to make matters worst. Vanessa’s family, started, accusing her,of being pregnant. At the age,of eight years old. She would try to defend herself, but it was useless. So she would  go outside,alone to cry and to be,with her dog. Flip, was the only one, who understood her.

Life started getting harder, for Vanessa. The bullying the verbal abuse, and sometimes physical abuse. Was getting to much. She always talked,about meeting stars. And,her mom and sister, would say,”they wouldn’t spit,on you. They’ll run the other way”. So she started, keeping her thoughts, to herself. And wouldn’t dare cry,if she didn’t want her butt,whipped.

Then the cutting began, the self hate,wishing she was dead,cause no one loved her. Even, if the po girl,found someone, that she could hangout with, her mom and sister,would get mad at her. And tell her,she couldn’t hangout. Everything had,to go her sister’s way.




Author: lorettasworldblog

I'm new to blogging. I'll be talking about, the ups and downs, in my life. And daily matters. I've always had a passion for writing. So I will keep it interesting.

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