Does life matter?

As I sit here,wanting to cry,i can’t get tears to fall,it’s like  my eyes are dry. Trying to figure out, how will i pay bills and buy groceries and medicine, with 774 dollars. Wow,life is great,Ain’t it? I’m so rich,truck is full of gas,even though it been empty for two weeks. Refrigerator is full,of food, it been empty for months. My bank account and pocket is full of so much money, I don’t know where and how to spend it. Even though they both, been empty for 3 years. Ain’t life great?

How the hell,they think a person, can live off of,774 dollars a month? HOW??



Author: lorettasworldblog

I'm new to blogging. I'll be talking about, the ups and downs, in my life. And daily matters. I've always had a passion for writing. So I will keep it interesting.

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