Silent Pains Part 2

“My life,is a curse. Why, was I even born”,Vanessa said? Life,as a teenager was rough. But,she always managed, to smile. She had to,that’s the only way, she could make it. To her,it was joy,to see other happy. Because she knew,the pains of being sad. She only,had a few people, she could trust, because trust was an issue for her. Even though, she was cool,with everyone.

All through high school, she managed to get through.

Now Vanessa,is in her 20’s. She wanted,to be free. But,couldn’t. Everytime she said, she was leaving, she got scolded at. “You ain’t gone be worth,a hill of beans”, that’s what,her father would say.  “Nothing,but an whore”. You’re going, to have a man,leaving out the back door,and one coming through the front door”,her mom said. Just no good. But,what they didn’t know,is Vanessa wasn’t and didn’t want,to be nothing like that. She just wanted to be free. This was so amusing to,her sister.  She would laugh,and say, “that’s right”, to every mean thing they would say.  She took,their shit for 8 more years. She was working,she found a house. Than told them,she was leaving. There was nothing,they could say,or do. Ooh, how happy was she!!

But,the control didn’t stop there. Between the religion,job and her parents, she stayed stressed. So,she had to dive,deep into her soul. She said,”ENOUGH”! And after that,she was hell on wheels.

In March 2010,Vanessa got married. To a wolf,dressed in sheep clothing. He used her. She worked,two jobs. The Wolf, was taking, all her money, paying her cousin’s bills. They,didn’t think, she knew. But,she was waiting, for the perfect moment,to catch them.  And she did. She put,that bastrad out. And filed, for divorce. The divorce, was final,in January 2012. Poor girl,just wanted to be loved. She run into,an old classmate. And they exchanged numbers. The vibe,between them, was great,til a month after,they were married. And things changed. Especially, her husband’s attitude. Vanessa, was shocked, by what was going on. Til,early 4:30am,her husband phone ranged. Poor Vanessa, she only had,to touch the phone. She knew everything. She left,him. But,her family talked, her into going back.

The last time,I heard from her.  She said,thing hadn’t changed. She gets up,bright and early. To tune in on Ralph Smart videos. She’s so very grateful, she found him on YouTube.  She Also meditate. She’s hoping one day she’ll find, a guy like Ralph. But,she got to let,that fool of a husband go.

She was born,with a gift of seeing things,before they happen. So I hope,she will look,passed the nicest, the next time. Kind people, always get hurt,the most.

#goodwomanvibe #ralphsmart #love #lifegetsbetter #getridofhim



Author: lorettasworldblog

I'm new to blogging. I'll be talking about, the ups and downs, in my life. And daily matters. I've always had a passion for writing. So I will keep it interesting.

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